25 10 / 2012

We are saddened by the sudden passing of famed Bengali author, Sunil Gangopadhyay.  His short story “Rakta Aar Kanna,” translated as “Blood and Tears,” was the basis of Khyentse Norbu’s screenplay for VARA.  Other filmmakers, including the father of Indian cinema, Satyajit Ray, were moved to bring Gangopadhay’s poignant stories to the screen.  It was a tremendous honor to have Gangopadhyay’s blessing and support to make VARA.  We are broken-hearted that we will not be able to share the film with him.  

Rest in peace.


05 10 / 2012

From the Set: Snake Attack!

Sri Lanka, where all of Vara was shot, is a land of beautiful forests, beaches, paddy fields, lakes, and much more. Belonging to the category of “much more” is a moderate-to-severe level of venomous-snakes!

Click play to see: 1) what our Assistant Director, the one and only Stojan Petrov, and on-set Snake Charmers (enough said!) advised we should do if a creepy crawly friend slithered by for a set visit; and 2) WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED when a scaly serpent indeed stopped by!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

05 9 / 2012

Director, Khyentse Norbu unmasked!

Director, Khyentse Norbu unmasked!

30 8 / 2012

Watch director, Khyentse Norbu and cinematographer, Bradford Young discuss filming Vara.  

22 8 / 2012

From conception to realization:

(Illustration by Tara Di Gesu)

16 8 / 2012

What’s different about VARA and Khyentse Norbu’s 2 previous films TRAVELLERS & MAGICIANS and THE CUP?  A lot (of music and dance that is!)  

Here’s a glimpse of an early brainstorming session with director Khyentse Norbu (off screen) and choreographer, singer & actress Geeta Chandran.

15 8 / 2012

We asked renowned theatre playwright-director Stan Lai to talk to Khyentse Norbu about Vara, director to director.

14 8 / 2012

We’re finishing up on post-production for Vara: A Blessing, the third feature film by Khyentse Norbu (aka. Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche). 

To learn official-y things about the film and to feast your eyes on the luscious images shot by cinematographer Bradford Young, give our official website a spin.

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Photo credit: Pawo Choyning Dorji (Adarsha Photography)